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Gain convenient access to high-quality real estate investment opportunities offered through professionally managed and diversified funds.

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Our Guarantee To Fund Investors:

Disciplined Investment Thesis

Rigorous Due-Diligence Process

Superior Fund Management

Community Impact

Advantages of CRE-Endeavors Funds:

Our Funds offer a compliant, audited, and professionally administered investment solution.

What sets us apart is that we are dedicated real estate professionals with a background in brokerage, investment management, and capital markets. We understand investment cycles and execute on a disciplined investment thesis. Our unique deal sourcing capabilities and institutional quality fund administration, offer investors access to a pipeline of compelling and high-quality real estate investments.

By employing rigorous due diligence of the property(s), the Sponsor team, the market, and third-party reports, we reduce risk for fund investors by ensuring their capital is invested in projects with reputable Sponsors, that execute optimal operations and financial structures for a profitably exit.

NOTE: No offerings are implied without the Private Placement Memorandum.

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Why the CRE-Endeavors Funds?

3 Main Advantages to Investing in the CRE-Endeavors Funds

1). Diversification among multiple real estate projects.  As an investor of the CRE-Endeavors Funds, you will be invested in multiple real estate assets with  just a single investment into the fund. This diversification mitigates the risk exposure that comes with a single investment into just one asset.

2). Having a team of professionals that have worked in commercial real estate for several decades overseeing your investments.  With experienced dedicated real estate professionals overseeing your investments, you benefit from true passive income.

3). We structure our funds to align with the interests of our fund investors. Our funds offer a preferred return, low fees, and aggressive profit splits to fund investors.

Diligent Sourcing & Deal Pipeline

Through our Manager/Developer relationships, broker network, financing relationships, property management partner, and our daily engagement in the real estate business, we maintain a strong pipeline of deals to keep the fund active and efficient.

Deep Local Market Knowledge

CRE-Endeavors focuses on submarkets where we have done significant research & analysis, and have gained a deep understanding of the trends, growth drivers, and geography that drives decision making in real estate.   Additionally, we align with local & regional industry partners to ensure expertise in each stage of real estate investing.

Financing Strategy

Financing strategies are determined based on the business plan and exit strategy of the real estate asset/project. We will perform financial due-diligence on each investment to access the risk level of the investment. We also leverage our lender resources in agency financing, debt funds, alternative lenders, SBA programs, and more. 

Industry Partnerships

We will invest alongside experienced Managers/Developers (Sponsors) with professional management companies in-place.  These Sponsors will run the day-to-day operations of the investment.  Our team will use diligent underwriting & analysis, conduct thorough due-diligence, and vet every investment opportunity with our internal team of analysts, property tax advisors, property insurance advisors, property managers, construction partners, and financing partners.

Transparency, Communication, & Asset Management

We directly monitor the asset performance of each investment to ensure that the property is performing according to the outlined business plan. Investors of our funds can expect monthly updates, quarterly reports, and access to an individual investor portal through our institutional software & fund administrator partner, Juniper Square. (Note - financial audits will be done annually).

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