CRE-Endeavors Multifamily Fund I

A value-add multifamily real estate fund providing convenient access to professionally operated and profitable multifamily investments.

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What is CRE-Endeavors Multifamily Fund I?

CRE-Endeavors Multifamily Fund I is a private investment fund vehicle that co-invests in value-add multifamily properties as a Limited Partner - alongside reputable Sponsors/Operators with a track record of creating better communities and executing results.

This fund vehicle offers a compliant, audited, and professionally administered investment solution to conveniently access high-quality and compelling multifamily investments throughout the Sunbelt, U.S.


Targeted Fund Returns (Net)

*Based on 5 year holds. Target returns represent ranges for base case, downside, and upside scenarios. **Projected cash-on-cash returns are based on base case assumptions for the properties within the Fund. These projected returns represent fund investor returns, net of fees. Schedule a call with our team to learn more.


Preferred Return


Levered Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


Avg Cash on Cash Returns (excluding sale)


Equity Multiple

Fund Investment Criteria

- Communities located in growth markets of the Sunbelt including Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas.

- Multifamily Assets:
Apartments (Market/Workforce Affordable Housing), Build-to-Rent Communities,  Conversions-to-Apartments (Ex: Hotel to Apartment).

- Underperforming or Distressed Multifamily properties that offer value-creation and appreciation opportunities.

- 75-300+ Unit Assets in highly desirable submarkets. | - Small to Middle Market Assets with Total Capitalization of $10-50 million per property.

Fund Highlights

*Open to Accredited Investors Only: An Accredited Investor has a net worth of $1 million (excluding their primary residence), or an annual income of $200,000 ($300,00 joint with spouse) for the last two years and has reasonable expectation that this income will continue.


Profit Share to Investors, after preferred return is paid

5-7 Years

Projected Fund Term
(with extension options)


Projected # of Multifamily properties within the Fund


Flexibility in fundraising, investment options, and exit strategies

Advantages of CRE-Endeavors Multifamily Fund I

Transparency: Our Fund Investors can expect monthly updates, detailed quarterly investment reports, access to a secure investor portal, and third-party fund audits to maintain the integrity of the fund. 

Unique Deal Sourcing Advantages: Through our professional background, we are positioned to access deal opportunities before other Investment Firms, and have established relationships with the most reputable Sponsors.

Rigorous Fund Due-Diligence: Our fund due-diligence process involves comprehensive financial, structural, operational, and legal due-diligence of the Investment, and Sponsor Team. We reduce risk for fund investors by ensuring their capital is invested in projects with reputable Sponsors and feasibly structured financially and operationally for a profitably exit. 

Community Impact (ESG): CRE-Endeavors Multifamily Fund I will directly address the housing shortage, community revitalization needs, and environmental issues by co-investing with Sponsors that have a reputation for quality management and creating better communities. 

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