Equity Program Overview

CRE-Endeavors invests in multifamily properties in specific markets within the Southeast, Maryland, and Texas, as Co-GPs, LP/JV equity, alongside experienced Sponsors/GPs that have local or regional presence in these markets.

If you are a Sponsor/GP and you have a project that meets the criteria below, please submit your deal to us!

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Partnership Criteria

CRE-Endeavors looks to invest in multifamily (apartment complexes) with Sponsors/GPs who have in-depth knowledge of their local markets, a strategic business plan, and a financing structure that considers the exit strategy and market cycle.  

CRE-Endeavors invests in projects that meet our Main Guidelines:

Sponsors/Managers (GPs) must be local to the market – They must have significant knowledge and prior experience operating in their local real estate markets. We also look for a proven track record of delivering superior investment results by acquiring, repositioning, managing, and selling apartment properties. **As part of our mission to expand capital sources and commercial real estate investments to diverse groups of investors, we will consider emerging Sponsors/GPs as long as they are supported by an experienced acquisition team and an experienced property management company.  

Sponsors/GP must have “skin in the game” – CRE-Endeavors requires the Sponsor/GP to make a significant cash investment into each deal (generally at least 5-10% of the total equity check).

Sponsor/GP must have an experienced local Property Management Team – Principals must be active in understanding the day-to-day operations and property management needs and must have a professional management company in place with a proven track record of success within the particular asset and loan type.   The management company should be familiar with a variety of debt financing (including agency financing, bridge, and construction). **The property management company can be owned (in-house) by the Sponsors/Managers (GPs), however, the team needs to provide proof of experience in management for that particular acquisition.

Communication & Transparency - Sponsor/GP must have professional reporting, technology, and systems in place to ensure consistent communication and transparency throughout the investment cycle. We expect at minimum quarterly investment reports and monthly updates. As markets continue to evolve, an increased frequency of communication is expected.

Investment Criteria

Our Equity Program Criteria:

Project Type: Core-Plus, Value-add apartment complexes
(including market rate, workforce housing, and affordable housing/mission-driven projects).

Geography: Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Maryland, and Texas).

Equity Investment Size: $1,000,000 to $7,000,000 per project.

Return Requirements (NET of Fees): Minimum 8%+ preferred return, 15-21%+ IRR, and 1.75x-2.0x+ equity multiple. We like deals that offer cash flow, generally 6-10%+ average Cash-on-Cash returns.

Term (hold period): 3-5 years.

Project Total Capitalization: $8 million to $30 million

Leverage: In general, we invest in multifamily projects that are no more than 75% levered.

Closing: 20 days from Execution of the Term Sheet

Additional Value To Our Sponsor Partners

When you partner with CRE-Endeavors you gain a reliable equity partner and commercial real estate professionals with a number of additional resources in capital markets, operations and dispositions. 

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

As commercial real estate professionals in brokerage and multifamily investment management, we have access to technology and resource to help with the due-diligence process and risk mitigation efforts.

Financing Solutions

We can help secure the best financing options for your projects with our preferred lending partners that provide agency financing (Fannie/Freddie/HUD), bridge loans, construction loan, alternative financing options to execute on a number of investment strategies.