CRE-Endeavors Multifamily Fund I

A real estate equity fund that invests in apartment complexes in select growth markets in the Southeast, Texas, and Maryland to achieve quality housing communities alongside a financial return.

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What is CRE-Endeavors Multifamily Fund I?

CRE-Endeavors Multifamily Fund I (the "Fund) is a private placement investment fund offering to accredited investors only. The Fund invests in value-add apartment communities as a Limited Partner and Joint Venture equity alongside reputable Sponsors/Operators with a track record of executing results and creating better communities.

This fund vehicle offers a compliant, audited, and professionally administered investment solution for accredited investors and qualified purchasers seeking passive risk-adjusted returns, tax advantages, and impact investing opportunities.

Fund Highlights

*Open to Accredited Investors Only: An Accredited Investor has a net worth of $1 million (excluding their primary residence), or an annual income of $200,000 ($300,00 joint with spouse) for the last two years and has reasonable expectation that this income will continue.


Preferred Return to Fund Investors


Profit Share to Fund Investors, after 8% preferred return is paid

6-7 Years

Projected Fund Term
(Redemption option after 5-year lockup)


Target # of apartment properties to acquire within the Fund

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Fund Investment Criteria

- Apartment communities located in highly desirable markets of the Sunbelt, secured by reputable Sponsors/Operators. (Focused on GA, TN, AL, TX)

- Underperforming or Distressed Multifamily properties (apartment communities) that offer value-creation for cash flow and equity.

- Properties with an experienced property management team in place.

- Middle-Market multifamily transactions (Typically, 75-200 units in size / $8-30 million in total capitalization).

Targeted Fund Returns (Net of Fees)

*Based on 5 year holds. Target returns represent ranges for base case, downside, and upside scenarios. **Projected cash-on-cash returns are based on base case assumptions for the properties within the Fund. These projected returns represent fund investor returns, net of fees. Schedule a call with our team to learn more.


Avg Cash on Cash Returns (excluding sale)


Levered Internal Rate of Return (including sale)


Equity Multiple

Key Advantages of CRE-Endeavors Multifamily Fund I


With the number of frauds and scams that occur in real estate investing, prioritizing and guaranteeing transparency, communication, and integrity is our number one commitment. Fund Investors can expect best-in-class communication with monthly updates, detailed quarterly investment reports, access to a secure investor portal, and third-party fund audits to maintain the integrity of the fund. Communication will occur at each stage of the investment cycle - both good news and news that presents opportunities for improvement.

"Boots on the Ground" Fund Management

Active and full-time in the commercial real estate profession (particularly in multifamily), the Fund Manager offers a ”boots on the ground” approach to the real estate equity fund strategy, saving investors time, providing a strong deal pipeline, and mitigating investment risk. The Fund Manager brings a valuable network of local Brokers, Lenders, Property Managers, and Sponsor/Operators for strategic deal sourcing and on-ground due-diligence.

Rigorous Due-Diligence and Investment Selection Process

The Fund Manager has a comprehensive due diligence process to evaluate the four components of a real estate investment 1). The Property, 2). The Market, 3). The Sponsor Team, and 4). Third-Party Reports. Using an in-house team in property management, general contracting, property tax, insurance, and capital markets, the Fund Manager can thoroughly evaluate each property being considered and reduce risk to Fund Investors by ensuring their capital is invested in projects with reputable Sponsors that have secured assets with feasibly financial and operational business plans for a profitable exit. If a property passes the due diligence process, it is then shared with the Fund’s Investment Committee Board for final voting and consideration.

Impact Investing Opportunity

CRE-Endeavors Multifamily Fund I is positioned to make a social & environmental impact alongside a financial return by investing in apartment communities with reputable Sponsors/Operators that have a track record of creating better communities. The Fund will consider strategic investments into market-rate, workforce housing, and affordable housing/mission-driven apartment complexes to provide support for a variety of housing needs. For investors passionate about making a social impact, apartment investing offers one of the best ways to do that.

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