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Access to income-producing commercial real estate investments, and up-to-date market insights:

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Our Services

Our clients hire us on a contract basis as their outsourced partner in financial analysis, advisory, market & site due-diligence, and to coordinate investment sales transactions. 

What We Can Do For You:
- Investment Financial Analysis
(Acquisitions Analysis, Refi Analysis, Hold vs. Sell Analysis)

- Investment Due-Diligence
(Lease Audits, Maintenance Audits, New Development Punch & Acceptance Walks)

- Investment Sales & Transaction Management: 
(On-Market and Off-Market Property Marketing & Sales Execution)

- General Contracting - BCG Partners
(For Construction & Renovations throughout Georgia).

- Debt & Equity Introductions

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Investment Sales

For commercial real estate Landlords, Sponsors, and Developers, the decision to acquire or sale commercial real estate assets is influenced by the current state of the market and the desire for income, capital accumulation, and tax advantages. 

As licensed real estate professionals in Georgia and Maryland, we offer property valuations (BOV), customized property marketing, transaction management, capital markets introductions, and a thorough vetting process of buyers to achieve your disposition objectives.  

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